Tuning Fork Therapy

  • Adrenal Reset – re energising the adrenals when you are depleted.
  • Mother / Father Zone tune – holds the energy of your relationship with parents
  • Ancestral River – exploring
  • Spinal Walk – connecting the upper body energetically with the lower body. Also opens the body up to receiving, alleviates back pain and connects the vertebra to communicate.
  • Tune any of the 7 Chakras –
    ○ Feet Chakras – When we lack direction, ability to support self, security
    ○ Knee Chakras – When we are feeling stuck, confused, challenges moving forward, have addictions, uncertainty
    ○ Base Chakra – When we do too much, guilt driven, overthinking, loss of connection between thought and action we physically
    manifest as back pain, sciatica, arthritis, varicose veins, depression, immune related issues and more.
    ○ Sacral Chakra – When we feel shame, blame, guilt, frustration, alcoholism, abuse, disappointment, resentment we physically manifest
    as back pain, sciatica, gynecological problems, sexual potency.
    ○ Solar Plexus Chakra – When we harbour anger, have addictions, have had issues with mother or father, adrenal fatigue we manifest as
    ulcers, intestinal problems, pancreatitis, diabetes, anorexia & bulimia, liver & gallbladder issues.
    ○ Heart Chakra – When we “say yes” and mean “no”, overdo for others, resentment, inability to digest grief manifests as heart issues,
    asthma, allergies, lung issues, upper back and shoulder issues.
    ○ Throat Chakra – not being heard – communication, powerlessness, thyroid, neck stiffness, sadness we physically manifest as throat
    issues, mouth & gum issues, scoliosis, gland and thyroid issues.
    ○ Third Eye – When we overthink the past, feel guild, regret, worry, anxiety, tension we can manifest head and neurological issues,
    blindness, deafness, spinal difficulties, learning disabilities, seizures.
    ○ Crown Chakra – Chronic exhaustion, extreme sensitivity to light, sound & environmental factors.
  • Distance – can’t get to me. Distance treatment available
  • Using the sound of the Tuning Forks, the Biofield is combed and “shattered pieces” from trauma, grief, fear from birth to current are reordered into the body.
  • Truly the most amazing results first up I have ever had with clients.
  • Sessions include – Ancestral River, Balancing the Chakras from birth to current, Spinal Walk, Adrenal Reset.

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