Reiki is a Japanese energy healing technique that assists by using hands held gently on the body.  The Reiki energy flows through your body grounding & relaxing you. With a few sessions, many find their body functioning better and more relaxed.  Considered as a safe and effective practice used by many hospitals and practitioners worldwide. Fabulous for any pain including back pain, post-operative pain, emotional issues, vertigo, sleep issues and when your body is tight.

Reiki Practitioner Rhonda places the hands-on specific parts of the body to enhance the flow of the meridians or distance healing is available.

​There are Reiki processes for stress, anxiety, acidity, allergy, arthritis, back pain, bedwetting, constipation, cravings, diabetes, diarrhea, digestion, depression, epilepsy, eye problems, fever, hair loss, headache,  influenza, liver, leg pain, lungs, memory, migraine, obesity, sinus, sleep disorders, urinary infection, varicose veins & wounds. Definitely recommended if you are feeling like you are not coping, anxious, and requiring some care.

​The benefits are often feeling very relaxing and many say they sleep and cope better in general.

A Reiki Session works firstly on the physical assisting in clearing blockages, then emotionally, then spiritually.

  • Gentle, safe holistic full body treatment used by many hospitals & treatment centres.
  • Manages many symptoms & improves general well being
  • Relieves and improves pain, anxiety, fatigue, depression, sleep, back pain in most cases thus boosting your mood.
  • Good treatment for back issues and whole body pain where you can’t be massaged.  Reiki relieves by bringing oxygen & blood flow to the pain areas relaxing the muscles and promoting faster healing (the hands do not move)

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