If you are spiraling out of control, can’t move on from trauma or grief, have had a dream that is troubling you, then ECR is for you.

Emotional Cellular Reordering, “ECR”.  This verbal processing therapy is dynamic. It helps to minimize worries & stress taking the negative charge out of a situation or event reducing it to a manageable level.

A dynamic process where ‘the client’ is taken into the energy/situation in a dreamlike state and “guided through” the situation.  Almost lifelike, you speak with the people, feel their state/emotions, and can come to your own conclusions.

Can be used for contacting someone who has “passed over”, interpreting dreams, helping with guilt and shame, traumatic situations (i.e. road rage), family issues (where opinions differ), depression, and many other situations. Only for the open-minded, you can visually see and feel it.

  • Your cellular memory records all the good and the negative emotions you have stored in your body for a lifetime (and more).
  • Emotional Cellular Reordering goes into the trauma, grief and negative memories and defuses the charge.
  • This process can help in many situations.
  • Grief, pain in the body, trauma, bad relationships
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