Chakra & Spinal reConnection

Have you ever felt exhausted, disconnected from yourself or your life, or even like you are cemented to the ground and unable to move forward with career, relationships, finances, decisions?

The 7 Chakras all are associated with different areas of our lives and govern our emotions, power, strengths, relationships, will, and intuition. When the Chakras are out of sync, consequently the body doesn’t feel right.

The results of not knowing your path in life, not speaking up, not being true to self, overcompensating for others, not knowing when to say ‘no’, being fearful, bottling, and holding onto emotions all lead to the Chakras being out of balance.

A Chakra balance uses a Pendulum to show where you are out of balance then the necessary treatment is given to realign.

Spinal reConnection uses energy on the spine to ensure each end of the spine is receiving messages.  When the nervous system is blocked, messages are not transmitted freely resulting in poor communication to extremities and organs.

This process has assisted in sexual dysfunction,  spinal spurs, circulatory problems, back, shoulder, and neck pain, memory issues, and much more.


Disclaimer – Spinal reConnection is not a physio, chiropractic, osteopathic, or massage treatment.  There is no physical manipulation applied to the body.

  • Our chakras are the energy centres of the body.
  • When aligned life just feels easier with our flow, spirit, emotions, creativity and energy.
  • Unblock your chakras for more stability, energy, better health, happiness, joy, strength, willpower, self-esteem, love, peace, acceptance, communicate better, intuition, peace and wisdom.

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