Access BARS

Want a clearer mind, less mind chatter, and a more relaxed body. Access Bars is known to give great results!!

An Access Bars session consists of 32 bars situated on your head that are gently held which stimulates the points. This process is somewhat like acupuncture resulting in a nice buzzing feeling of tranquillity, space, and silence.  Bars effectively give similar results to acupuncture unblocking energy and relaxing the body just by holding the head without the needles.

These 32 points store the electromagnetic component of all the thoughts, ideas, attitudes, decisions, and beliefs, and the running of BARS is somewhat like defragging a computer.

In conclusion, any lack of focus or clarity seems to be rearranged to clearer thinking.  Life-changing for some, nurturing for others. ​Have your BARS run to clear and restore peace, clarity and rid a lot of the “white noise” from the mind.  Many feel more relaxed like they have had a massage, focused, and able to cope much better.  ​What are you willing to receive?

There are Access BARS (R) & Body Therapy processes for calming the mind, relaxing the muscles, and relieving emotional issues.  Processes help with cellular memory, surgery and scar tissue, exhaustion & muscle fatigue, insomnia, colds, epilepsy, sinuses, hearing, congestion, arthritis, tumors, moles, stiffness & lack of movement, immune system boost, and more.

  • Similar to a 1 hour head massage, the BARS are 32 points on your head gently held to release tension, mind chatter, thoughts, worries, emotions and more.
  • People report better health, feeling lighter emotionally, cope and sleep better in general and are overall more emotionally resilient.

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